Year Of The Pig

The new calendar poster by 5 female artists; Claire Barrow, Eloise Parry, PZ Opassuksatit, Kiyoko Odo and Anne Sophie Costa. It is the hottest gift you and everyone must have on their wall in 2019 !

The Year of The Pig is the name for the year 2019 in Chinese culture. It signifies fortune and luck. Based around the Zodiac Calendar rather than months this wall organizer also tells you your lucky number, lucky colour, what zodiac sign would make the best boss for you and what signs your favorite Hollywood stars fall under!

The artists have also scribbled in some important dates inside the calendars lines such as; when Mercury is in retrograde, when it will be a full moon and many many more!

Claire has created 12 pairs of earrings for each one in a variety of techniques, Hair designed by Kiyoki Odo, Make-up by Anne Sophie Costa and Shot by Eloise Parry. Calendars were designed by PZ Opassuksatit with an original hand drawn by Claire Barrow.

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