Zizia is a small herbal business based in Los Angeles, CA created by herbalist, artist, and medical nail tech Abbe Findley.  Zizia creates handmade products formulated by Abbe from her years of practice as a clinical herbalist, these preparations are made using the utmost attention and appreciation toward the plant kingdom.  Abbe has spent over five years studying, practicing, and apprenticing with an array of practicing herbalists from the field, the clinic, to the streets;  learning the oral tradition of botanical medicine to share with others.  Zizia believes using herbal medicine daily can improve quality of life and enrich our daily experiences.  From a cup of tea to a soothing face serum, there's a little something for everyone at Zizia.

The mission at Zizia is to provide high quality and accessible herbal products, care, clinics, and services.  At Zizia there is an emphasis on utilizing herbs that are found growing and/or that are easily cultivated here in the U.S.  Zizia likes to highlight the underused herbs, the "weedy" ones that get grazed over for their lack of "exoticism", and bring to the table an eloquent array of regional medicinals both versatile and multipurpose in their uses.

Zizia offers additional services and outreach programming from part of its profit proceeds.  

This includes:

Street Feet L.A.

Skid Row Free Clinic

York Herb Clinic

HMVDB (Herbal Medicine Video Database)

Zizia goods are all handmade in small batches in Los Angeles.  These products are made with ethically wildcrafted or organically sourced herbs and oils; there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added to any of the products.