Sophie of Coeurfleur is a French artist. After years working in the fashion industry and collaborating with artists in London, she has now launched her own brand based in Paris, France. Curious and self-taught, Coeurfleur offers by means of her unique hand-made products, an object of desire.

Each piece encapsulates a sensibility and divergent aesthetic. Using upcycled silk from deadstock fabrics, typically for luxury ties, the bags are 💫, including meticulous detailing and contrasting stitching. Taking a sculptural approach, Coeurfleur plays with shapes, volume, fabrics and developing a dimension of caring a real weapon of erotism. An experience that will embrace, spread feelings.

Along with her fascination of the aesthetics fantastic worlds and sensuality, she shares her vision of utopia into reality. 

Coeurfleur is strong and confident 

Coeurfleur is sexy and intuitive

Coeurfleur is soft and wild

Coeurfleur is fun.

Coeurfleur can be a weapon in your video game.