Ugly House on the Prairie (2020) is a brand new zero waste collection by Janelle Abbott (JRAT), conceived entirely from cast off and unwanted materials, arranged through skill and craft to replicate the mythological home on the frontier, and those who lived their lives within such walls—now all represented with the most accurate of mediums: garbage.

Ugly House on the Prairie is an admission of complicit guilt held by each and every one of us who has inadvertently profited from the obliteration of the First Peoples of North America.  It is a critique on the insidious nature of the Industrial Revolution, which has only wrought us with a climate crisis as relentless as the heightened state of consumerism that has brought our planet to this precipice. 

Ugly House on the Prairie is beautiful, ephemeral, interactive, welcoming—and it’s all a disguise. A portion of sales will be donated to Real Rent Duwamish— a Seattle based organization supporting the first people’s of the Puget Sound.