Magazine For Young Girls

Magazine for Young Girls is a bi-annual fashion and pop-culture magazine that features East-Asian, South East Asian and diaspora voices from around the world and explores fashion content that is concerned with building new narratives culturally authentic to each individual contributor. 

Currently, there is a gap in the market for fashion publishing featuring a uniquely feminine point of view. MFYG works with Asian & diaspora creatives from across the globe who actively engage and react to their personal narratives in their physical work and online. The publication aim to create a platform that inspires thought and discussion instead of delivering up empty platitudes. MFYG aims to help us disseminate ideas beyond the social media "bubble" and to create a community of creatives for womxn who might be overlooked in current, dominant conversations of art, fashion, music and culture. MYFG would like  platform to be both a resource and a way for people to communicate and share experiences as practitioners of their own art form.