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Colleen Louise Barry

Butterfly Candle - Skittles

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Hand-poured in LA ! Skittles Colorway! 

These 4-wick Butterfly Candles are collaboratively made by studio-mates, Colleen Louise Barry Rachael Henson.

Candles are made through the process of:

1.  hand-building a clay sculpture 2. making a multi-part silicone mold of its shape 3. melting wax, which is dyed and scented uniquely each time, and 4. pouring that wax into the mold, along with a hemp wick, dried flower petals, and essential oil. About eighteen hours later, a butterfly candle is born.

Each candle is one-of-a-kind. 

  • Four wicks per candle ~ around 12 hours of burn time

  • Approximately 4" x 4.5"
  • Lavender or lemongrass-scented

  • Materials: Paraffin wax; natural dye; essential oil; dried jasmine, rose, lavender or amaranth flowers; hemp wicks

  • Each candle is one of a kind - variances and small imperfections should be expected as part of the design